About us

poea license

Fil-Crew Maritime & Offshore Services, Inc., with DMW License No.: DMW-007-SB-052622-R-MLC, is a highly integrated Philippine maritime services company and a market leader in providing highly qualified and experienced Filipino offshore and ship-based maritime and engineering personnel.

We specialize in recruiting and developing high caliber, STCW-certified Filipino Officers, Engineers and Ratings. We supply-shipowners and vessel managers with competent and motivated crews. We are the solution to their ever-increasing demand for skilled seafarers.

We also specialize in recruiting and development of top people needed for maintaining oil platforms, including roustabouts, roughnecks, mechanics, welders, divers, drillers, rig operators, engineers, cooks, and safety and medical personnel.

We have gained already an exceptional level of expertise and experience in providing top-quality services to our clients, ranging from recruitment, training and travel to full crew administration and operation.

Our Team

Fil-Crew Maritime & Offshore Services, Inc. is all about human resources. We are competent, responsible, always aiming to excel in every assigned task, and dedicated to giving our best to the satisfaction of our clients.

The backbone of all our ventures is a dynamic workforce of the following Officers and staff. Together, we made it to our mission of providing highly qualified, skilled, and competent colleagues at sea to our clients and achieving an efficient operation leading to customer satisfaction and success.

Capt. Vicente Dayo

General Manager

Capt. Thaddeus Bonghanoy

Operation Manager

Victorina C. Hernaez

Chief Accountant

Erlie M. Sanchez

Crewing Manager


Roshell R. Salinas

Deputy Accountant

Djennie Mae B. Olilang

Marine Personnel Officer

Anthony C. David

Visa Officer

Roberto Y. Imperial III

Liaison Officer

Lee Van P. Infante

Recruitment Officer

Our Goals

To assist responsible and demanding clients in achieving their business objectives through our professionalism, experience, dedication, enthusiasm, and responsiveness.
  • Maritime safety
  • Seafarers welfare
  • Client satisfaction
  • Value-added services
  • Financial sustainability
  • Community role model

We value our people

by respecting our seafarers, employees, and applicants, treating them courteously and fairly, and providing opportunities for their continuous learning and development, and assisting them in pursuing their career.

We value our clients

by listening to their needs, implementing their requirements and providing the best service possible. Our seafarers shall be the cornerstone for their success.


  • To deliver the most qualified, documented, and well-trained seafarers on time.
  • To be recognized as a highly responsible manning company, providing quality assured crew management services to foreign principals.
  • To improve the company's sensitivity towards the client’s needs and requirements with the formulation and implementation of suitable programs for the protection of our shipowners' interest.
  • To ensure that safety comes as its top priority, safe operation of the vessels, zero casualties on-board, zero loss of life, zero damage to properties and the surrounding environment.


Fil-Crew Maritime & Offshore Services, Inc. is one of the leading manning agencies in the Philippines.

FMOSI was officially registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on June 26, 2012, under Registry No. CS201211792. Located in a busy district of Paranaque City with the principal address Units 303, 304 and 305, 3/F, Parqal Bldg. 1, Cabrera Drive, Aseana City, Paranaque City, Philippines.

It’s April 2, 2014, when FMOSI commenced its operations and was granted by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) also known as the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) the license to recruit, process and deploy seafarers. To date, Fil-crew Maritime & Offshore Services Inc. has eight principals with offshore, container, bulk carriers, tanker, multipurpose vessel, yacht, and fishing vessels currently registered in DMW. This includes the German ship owning and ship management groups, NSB Group and Harren Group, as well as Al Mutawa Marine Works LLC, Aqua Diving Services Ltd., from United Arab Emirates, Emarine and Co. Ltd., Polaris Marine Works Services Company Limited from Malta, and Aquarius Fishing Co. Ltd. & United Fish Selling Co. from the United Kingdom.


It shall be the policy of Fil-Crew Maritime & Offshore Services, Inc. to deliver all services towards the attainment of present and future requirements of the clientele. This endeavor is fully supported by all staff and has been led by top management who are always at forefront and, heads on 24/7.

In order to realize this policy, the company is committed to the following that:

  • All activities shall be goal oriented and guided by the company's quality assurance.
  • There shall be a documented process within our organization, with clear lines of responsibility and authority for all functions that will affect the quality of service.
  • The company is committed in achieving the highest standard in marine recruitment and training processes shall be achieved.
  • All employees regardless of position or rank shall contribute to the quality of the service and its improvements with a mindset towards attaining the company's goals.
  • Good relationship with clients and seafarers shall be developed and maintained by good cooperation and a clear and transparent communication.

Why choose Fil-Crew?


Maybe it's because our candidates have to be of the highest quality. It's in our interest to get our clients the right person, whatever the position.


Perhaps it's our thorough interview process, ensuring that only the most qualified of candidates get through, or maybe it's our 24/7 Live Support.