About us

poea license

Fil-Crew Maritime & Offshore Services, Inc., with POEA License No.: POEA-090-SB-022818-R-MLC, is a highly integrated Philippine maritime services company and a market leader in providing highly qualified and experienced Filipino offshore and ship-based maritime and engineering personnel.

We specialize in recruiting high calibre, STCW certificated Filipino Officers and Crew who are in ever-increasing demand in both merchant ships and offshore vessels, following the growing sophistication, size, power and tonnage of these vessels, coupled with the ongoing safety regulations governed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

We also specialize in recruiting top people needed for maintaining oil platforms, including roustabouts, roughnecks, mechanics, welders, divers, drillers, rig operators, engineers, cooks and safety and medical personnel.

We have an exceptional level of experience and expertise in providing top quality source and supply service of seagoing and platform-based Filipinos to the industry.

In addition to recruitment, our growing knowledge and experience has enabled us to extend our support to the training, travel and operational needs of our clients.

Our Goals

To assist responsible and demanding clients in achieving their business objectives through our professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm and responsiveness.
  • Maritime safety
  • Seafarers welfare
  • Client satisfaction
  • Value-added services
  • Financial sustainability
  • Community role model

We value our people

by respecting employees and job candidates, treating them courteously and fairly, and providing opportunities for their continuous learning and development.

We value our clients

and try to help them be more productive and efficient by providing them with qualified personnel and services they need to operate.

We value our reputation

as a responsible business and this helps us in attracting and retaining the best people, so does our focus on providing a positive working environment.

We value our service

by providing excellence in service, adhering to the ethics we promote, and exemplifying competence, quality standards and credibility.


Fil-Crew Maritime & Offshore Services, Inc. is anchored in the tradition and strength of the Dipon family business first established in 1983.

Now entering it's second generation in the manning agency business, the Dipon family knows what it takes to operate a manning agency: it's in their blood. Before establishing their first ship crew recruitment company, NOTRE DAME OILFIELDS MARITIME SERVICES, INC., Mrs. Dipon worked as Accountant and Executive Secretary for another ship crewing company where she was connected for nearly half a decade and rose from the ranks.


Mr. Francis John B. Dipon


To meet its workforce needs, the shipping and offshore oil/gas industry will need aggressive recruitment and retention strategies. We need to ensure that a marine career is one of the options young people will consider. And our efforts must also reach those already employed, to encourage the ongoing training that is required for skill retention and career advancement.

Why choose Fil-Crew?


Maybe it's because our candidates have to be of the highest quality. It's in our interest to get our clients the right person, whatever the position.


Perhaps it's our thorough interview process, ensuring that only the most qualified of candidates get through, or maybe it's our 24/7 Live Support.